Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to host Hands of Victory Prerelease Invitational tournament

To our delight, the esports devoted Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has agreed to host a 8-player Hands of Victory Prerelease invitational tournament on December 4. The event aims to explore how the sharpest minds in poker and esports tackle the game’s skill intensive and action packed take on online poker.

Eight selected players will face off in a Swiss like format never before used in a poker context and compete for $3,000.
Players interested in participating can read more about the event, the format and apply here.

To celebrate the announcement of the prerelease tournament, players curious about the game will, for a limited time, be able to join the Hands of Victory beta without an invite.

For more information please contact us.

Hands of Victory is a free-to-play competitive card game based on poker. It blends traditional poker rules with modern game mechanics and challenges players to revise, reforge and rework trusted old strategies. While being far more skill-based than traditional online poker the game retains all of poker’s most beloved traits. The game is being developed by the small, independent Sweden based studio Aftermath Interactive.