Site for the upcoming competitive free-to-play poker-based game Hands of Victory launched

Can online poker be played and consumed as an e-sport without real money wagers? That is something the startup game studio Aftermath Interactive hopes to prove with their soon to be released poker-based game Hands of Victory. A site providing in-depth information about the game was released today at

Lead by online poker industry veteran Kim Lund, the small studio has developed what is best described as a genre crossing game that infuses strategic, skill-based game mechanics and features popular in other multiplayer strategy games into poker. By crafting a predominately non-buy-to-win monetization model to go with it, the team believes that the game solves many of the problems that have so far prevented online poker from making a bigger mark in e-sports.

”Poker has unique qualities as a competition game. The twists and turns. The drama. The high-pressure situations. It belongs on the e-sports stage. But traditional online poker is generally too slow, strategically one-dimensional, introvert, luck-based and visually unappealing to provide the kind of game experience that is fun enough to watch, interesting enough to cast and exciting enough to broadcast as an e-sport,” says Kim Lund.

While the established providers in the $150,000,000 a year social poker space primarily target slightly older recreational players, Hands of Victory is going after millennials, the broader gamer generation and poker players looking for something new.

”If you know poker, you’ll be able to pick up Hands of Victory right away. Everything you know about poker still applies, We’ve just added a lot of strategic depth, a bit of story, content and a different look and feel. You get to pick from a range of Grinders with special abilities. You can customize every one of them; you can unlock new content and your play is ranked and rated.”

The first version of the game will be browser-based and optimized for tablets. Native mobile and Steam** versions are supported by the studio’s proprietary, front-end agnostic platform and will go into production as soon as the studio is happy with the initial launch and has secured external funding.

”We’re a small team proud of what we’ve achieved so far. Now we seek external financing to realize the project’s full potential. There is so much more we want and can do.”

Aftermath Interactive AB ( is a startup game studio based in Sweden owned and operated by a group of e-gaming veterans with over fifty years of experience combined. The studio’s ambition is to turn classical casino games into modern strategy games for mid- to hardcore players and to develop competitive games based on original IPs.

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