Poker pros optimistic about the future of new poker-based game Hands of Victory after first taste

Malmoe, Sweden. Last week the Aftermath Interactive, the game studio behind the made-for-esports poker based game Hands of Victory that is currently in beta, hosted a special “Pros vs Betas” tournament. See separate press release. The main goal of the event was to showcase the game’s many innovative, strategic gameplay mechanics by pitting four poker pros with almost no previous exposure to the game against four experienced beta testers.

Three of the pros streamed the event on Twitch providing their followers with a great first-hand look at the game and the studio with some valuable insight into how to adapt the game for optimal streaming.

In the end it was the beta players who came out on top by claiming four of the five top spots. But despite taking a beating and having to cope with some technical issues, the four pros are optimistic about the game’s future.

Incredibly fun game. It puts a whole new twist on the classic and opens up 100s of new strategic choices.

Ben "Spraggy" Spragg

If you know hold’em, its very easy to pick up Hands of Victory. Right away you feel comfortable playing the game. But there’s so much more going on – it’s very stimulating to have so many new things to think about.

Phil ”USCphildo” Collins

This game could help bring the hardcore gamers over to poker, and maybe give poker a lease of life for those who already getting bored with the same thing for so many years.

Fintan "easywithaces" Hand

I definitely think games like this one have a place in poker. And this is the most intriguing one of its kind that I’ve tried so far.

Jeff "jeffgrosspoker" Gross

53% of the twitch viewers who tested the beta as a result of watching it being played on twitch played three games or more against other human players during their first session.  A promising figure that suggests the game is easy enough to pick up and does appeal to mid/hardcore poker players.

Hands of Victory is still in limited beta testing. Players interested in participating in the beta and in future test events like ” Pros vs Betas” event can signup on and like the game’s Facebook page.

View the streams from the event here:

Spraggy’s stream | Jeffgrosspoker’s stream | Easywithaces stream 

More details about the event found here:

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Hands of Victory is a free-to-play competitive card game based on poker. It blends traditional poker rules with modern game mechanics and challenges players to revise, reforge and rework trusted old strategies. While being far more skill-based than traditional online poker the game retains all of poker’s most beloved traits. The game is currently browser-based and optimised for tablets.