Testing ended. Mobile version of Hands of Victory announced

Malmoe, Sweden. After a series of small-scale testing of a browser-based version of its competitive F2P game Hands of Victory, Aftermath Interactive has decided to finalize a mobile version of the game before releasing it. Confident that the testing has proven that the game can deliver on its promise as an accessible yet cut-throat complex competitive game, the studio sees the opportunity to capitalize on the growing mobile esports scene. By using Unity for the new mobile version the studio will also significantly raise the audiovisual quality of the game.

Studio head Kim Lund explains.

We began with a browser-based version because given the complexity of the game’s mechanics and the underlying platform we wanted to be able to live-test things with as little friction between developers and testers as possible. The browser-based version has served us well in this regard. But with mobile esports seeing a lot of traction lately and the publishing landscape being so much more dynamic for mobile games, it would be unwise not to focus on that.

The studio will start looking for publishing partners for the mobile versionsat the start of 2018 with an expected first release around the end of Q1.