We make gambling inspired PVP F2P games

that exclusively and sustainably acquire, retain and monetize your player base.


Explore our poker-based competitive cross-platform F2P game Hands of Victory.

Invest in exclusive, gamified competitive sports-prediction games that offer novel gameplay and monetization.


Games for all verticals


Skill gaming / P2E

By innovating gameplay and bridging the gap to video games we strive to create competitive experiences that utilize gambling mechanics but qualify as skill games.



Can you do sweepstakes without relying on the AMOE mailbox-in-the-desert solution? We believe so and have developed a model for it that we are now applying to multiple in-process games.


F2P / Social

F2P games featuring gambling elements already top charts and win Awards. But there is plenty of innovation left to do beyond the current virtual chips model.

About us

We are a start-up run by gaming veterans with 50+ years combined experience of crafting, operating and promoting gambling games. We begun our journey where we are most at home – card games – by creating our proprietary card game platform Dealr and developing Hands of Victory. We are now applying the same game design philosophy and monetization approach to other verticals.


Proprietary tech

The latest addition to our proprietary stack is an in-progress version of the modular and api-driven dealR platform that will power our innovative work in the sports prediction game space. With it we are building fantasy sports 3.o.

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