Skill and sweepstakes gaming

redefined, refined and reinvented.


Explore our F2P poker-based competitive mobile game Hands of Victory.

In a war-torn world where loyalty and chivalry are dying virtues, the fate of those who seek conquest and power lies in the hands of the hired.


Games for all verticals


Skill gaming / P2E

By combining innovations in gameplay and monetization we strive to bring new competitive experiences that utilize gambling mechanics to the world of digital competitive gaming.


Casual / F2P

F2P games featuring gambling elements already top charts (Coin Master) and win Awards (Dice Legacy). We believe mash-ups that blend multiplayer and solitaire card game mechanics with strategy games and RPGs are next.


Real Money Gaming

The gamer generations now aging into gamblers have created a massive opportunity and demand to re-imagine all the classic gambling experiences. From card games to slots to sports-betting and table games.
This realization is at the heart of what we strive to produce.

About us

We are a start-up run by gaming veterans with 50+ years combined experience of crafting, operating and promoting card games. With our proprietary DealR card game platform we’ve begun our journey where we are most at home. But our footprint will soon expand into other gambling domains.


The future of real money poker is in stand-alone, branded games that all feature their own unique gameplay twist. MMO poker spices up multi-table tournaments with side quests.

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