$10,000 grassroots “Pre-season league” announced for f2p card game title Hands of Victory.

March 30, 2021
Malmoe, Sweden. Keen to put their “Esports first” strategy to the test, the independent game maker Aftermath Interactive is committing up to $10,000 to test, balance and grow their crossover mobile card game Hands of Victory with the help of the grassroots competitive scene. Instead of paying advertising networks and social media platforms, the studio aims to talk directly to card sharks, streamers, content creators and esports teams willing and able to help establish a new, accessible, non-violent competitive mobile title.

“While true that only players can ultimately decide if a game is an esport, we believe it’s a mistake from both sides to not establish long-term win-win relationships right away. Our game is inherently competitive. So we’ might as well attempt to build a competitive scene from the ground up from day one,” says studio head Kim Lund.

Players who enroll in the “pre-season league” will have all of April to collect points towards a leaderboard. The top 50 scorers will go on to compete for prize money. Players will have three ways to collect points. By participate in restricted round-robin tournaments,  by streaming gameplay and by earning XP in the game’s main game mode. The total amount of prize money will depend on the number of scoring players on the leaderboard.

We need one thousand players on that board to cap the prize money,” explains Kim Lund.

Hands of Victory is a free-to-play mobile game for iOS that innovates both gameplay and monetization. It blends poker rules with beloved skill inducing mechanics such as customizable characters, progression and a unique scoring system that ensures that how you play  matters.

Each of the four playable characters have unique edges centered on different play styles. And then you can unlock and add additional game-affecting abilities ,” explains Kim Lund. Four more characters are already deep in development.

Monetization wise the game ditches the virtual fake chips model utilized by most social poker games. Instead the game will monetize through the use of expendable pre-configured character cards needed to play the  game’s main mode and through a level playing field competitive subscription.

The Preseason league is hosted on the game’s stand-alone competitive web portal event.handsofvictory.com and managed via the its discord channel.

Codes to the stand-alone league events will the rolled out gradually on Discord and social media. The first codes will be made available on March 31.

The league will continue all through April with the event schedule being updated continuously.
The iOS app will be available for download in time for the first scheduled event.

While we’re a studio with a lot of live ops studio we are very small studio. So we urge players to see this for the experiment that it is. Our long-term goal is to provide a new way for players to enjoy, compete in, master and potentially profit from one of the greatest games
ever invented. We’re not going to achieve that without a ton of support.”

More information about the game and how to sign-up for the league is available on handsofvictory.com. Registration is open.