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We are a small team of gaming industry veterans who from our base in Malmoe, Sweden have set out to sprinkle some competitive multiplayer magic on the world. By forging genres together we craft games that are as strategically subtle as they are tactically complex. Prepare to drown in their depths. Initially.

In this era of soft games and constant hand-holding we look forward to watching our games slap you in the face.

Let the game overs begin!

“Incredibly fun game. It puts a whole new twist on the classic and opens up 100s of new strategic choices.”

Hands of Victory is a free-to-play competitive multiplayer game based on poker. We’ve taken one of the greatest games ever invented and modernized it by injecting it with game mechanics usually found in Collectible Card games, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games and Real Time Strategy games.

Soft launch scheduled for fall of 2016.


Some players have astounding card reading skills. Others just make sure they always have the best cards.



Cat is a comeback queen. Hard to catch. Near impossible to eliminate. She regularly turns a chip and a chair into final tables.


Made with Dealr


With over 40+ years combined experience of developing and operating gaming platforms we knew that current technology would not allow us to do what we want to do. So we’ve crafted our own card game platform – Dealr.

Dealr enables us to re-imagine classic multiplayer card games by incorporating gameplay mechanics, features and functionality inspired by other game genres. It scales easily and is entirely fronted-independent.

“Many card games that have been widely popular for centuries are yet to properly re-imagined online.”

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